Bohemian splurge, statement piece, doubled up or long ... Fine gems, beads & metals. The Archer Nomadic Necklace is a dramatic 46" long serpentine wrap. It can be worn long or wrapped twice around the neck at endless lengths and variations. Wear it as an asymmetrical harness for a bohemian meets warrior appeal. The meaning of the name Archer is "bowman". 

This design beams with:
• Rubies
• Emerald rondelles
• Tyre Aquamarine faceted rondelles
• Amber button beads
• Chrysophrase Green rondelles
• Blue Apatite squares
• metallic hued Fresh Water Pearls
• Garnet faceted triangles
• Petrified Redwood Tree round beads
• African Turquoise in varied shapes and tones; tubes, button and barrel beads
• Pyrite in varied shapes; giant cube, small button beads & faceted beads
• Smokey Quartz in a faceted tear drop
• Rose Quartz in varied shapes; rectangular, cubes and mini diamond-cut beads
• White Coral seed beads
• Tourmaline pillars
• antique African Red-glass & White-glass “Green-heart” beads
• African sandcast beads
• filigree Baule Brass beads from the Ivory Coast made using authentic lost-wax castings featured here in rare designs; antique heart-to-heart, sun, tube-weave, triangle-leaf & antique bells.
• African Bauxite beads in burnt umber
• Swarovski Crystal in Smokey Quartz squares
• Old Abyssinian glass crystal cube bead
• Blue Old annular Wound Dogon beads
• Batik Bone beads in many abstract and literal designs; zig-zag, star
• Old Maasai African Turkana navy glass bead
• Ethiopian round brass bicone beads
• African Mali Terracotta black bisone bead
• Antique Sterling Silver tube beads, Ethiopian White Metal beads
• Ethiopian Copper tube beads
• African recycled glass beads in varied shapes and colors
• Copper bicone heishi beads
• Brass spacers
• Vintage Hebron Yellow Kano beads 
• varied African, Indian and Tibetan beads
• Authenticated with a BINC, circular, hand-stamped sterling silver paillette.

This necklace is carefully crafted with the large, ornamental, incongruent-shaped pieces juxtaposed against the small, geometric color-filled ones creating a beautiful balance as it’s placed about your décolletage. It can move or be placed in countless ways for endless looks.


The Archer Wrap and Harness contains incredibly vibrant gems; shiny and polished and others classic, weathered and rutty from time. All bathed in rich jeweled tones colored from the earth. I've incorporated the seductively hued stones with beads of the finest variety. The beads are carefully chosen for their antiquity and craftsmanship of their makers. Please note minor flaws or imperfections may appear within these handcrafted beads or inclusions within the natural, raw gems. It's one aspect of their inherent beauty.

The Archer Nomadic Wrap is a power piece filled with many healing stones and beads; the fair trade beads sourced from places around the world. 

Every design is accompanied by a list. The list encompasses history, as well as scientific details, and the meta-physical healing qualities inherent to the metals, gems & beads on your piece. All accessory and jewelry items are shipped securely inside BINC bodyBAUBLES signature, keepsake storage satchel. The petite bag is made of inimitable, repurposed materials. The packaging doubles as thoughtful and unique gift-wrapping!


Inspiration for this and much of my work is generated from an ethnological appreciation of different cultures.  My design esthetic is influenced by primitive tribal jewelry and artifacts' as tiles, pottery, textiles, garments, and the colors and hues within all of them.  I relish the ornate details within ancient weaponry and armor and am fortified by history of all genres.  I find foods and herbs from different lifestyles throughout the world endlessly stimulating.  I'm encouraged everyday by family, music, architecture, nature, and the ecosystems within.


One of my favorite things to do is to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the NYC with my amazing seven-year-old son. He now has a love and fondness for the museum experience that is growing close to his mommy's.


. . . thank you for letting me share myself with you! xo

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ARCHER Wrap Necklace & Harness

  • Regarding beaded wire designs. I only use the finest beading wire, stainless steel 48 strand minimum wrapped in nylon coating for a gentle non-stick flow of the beads and stones. I have personally tested this piece wearing it daily for over a year. Its natural patina with age has made it more exquisite. Beaded necklaces with heavy beaded elements and or brass, hand-forged, tribal adornments and some similar styled bracelets are recommended being restrung every 12-24 months (depending on how often it's worn). Otherwise there is a risk for compromise/breaking of the wire. Send it back for a free restringing every 24 months with proof of purchase, or for a discounted fee without. I do not recommend bathing or swimming in these pieces.


    Please read over all BINC bodyBAUBLES policies prior to ordering.
    Thank you!