The BINC Calloway Scarfettes are fashioned and inspired from a man and an era. Cab Calloway was one of the most successful entertainers of the 30's and 40's. Both his music and performances was an inspired explosion of jazz, big band, swing, scat and blues all in one. He was known to coin many phrases and wear the "zoot suit".


Inspired by his music, spirit, and his extra-wide; visually stimulating, impactful neckties. Some prints can be worn on either side in a multitude of ways; neck several ways wrapped or draped, hair or hat wrap, and waist wrap. The Calloway is an unexpected accessory that adds a smidgen of sultry, both empowering and comfortable to wear.


The gender bend in fashion, music and life has always been an influencer to me. Bowie forever…


"Hi-de-hi-de-ho" your way into alluring, androgynous, one of a kind fashion.


These neckties are fabricated from textiles of the most luscious textures in choices from subtle tones, soft metallics and rich layers of color. Offering a select variety of materials sourced from the finest mills worldwide. Many in my collection are antique and singular bolts, offering a unique fabric that you won't see often replicated, only a few.

I tend to work with upholstery textiles as my preferred medium for a multitude of reasons (see my bio for more on this). The drape and shape that it allows when wrapping the neck and body is amazing! 

By request, I now also offer them in leather! See other listing.

Both options: the leather or textile version are structured and will "give" and wear naturally on your body yet uphold beautifully over time.

-Each CALLOWAY SCARFETTE measures app. 38-44", over 3 to almost 4 feet of wrapping pleasure (center to seed tip depending on the fabric/leather and how the grain is cut: on the bias making it more fluid, the weave, etc.) unless you specify a different size. Tried and tested, these Scarfettes will cover an average woman's neck wrapped as single drape, double-wrap high at the neck, a slip knot or up to two times or large size and men still sexy as a single drape or slip knot options. Also for those who are able it can be cinched and clipped to be worn as a waist wrap.

1>Choose a textile option from the swatch pictures.
2>Antique TIE CLIPS-I've been collecting for years a select group of exceptional ones in gold or silver options; simple or embellished. Convo to choose your clip (included FREE no extra charge).
3>I generally choose the the most complimentary Swarovski Crystals to embellish the tips to give weight and a tassel effect to compliment your chosen textile. If you have a specific idea in mind, I'll email a swatch-board of all the options and you can select your preferred crystal.


All accessory and jewelry items are shipped securely inside BINC bodyBAUBLES signature, keepsake storage satchel that is made with inimitable, repurposed materials. 

Please read over all BINC bodyBAUBLES polices before ordering.

Thank you for the raw beauty of the unmistakable, supermodel Ève Salvail wearing a BINC bodyBAUBLES Calloway Scarfette in Silk Frosted Leaves print. Thank you to the incredible photographer Sergio Tuvé and archival Steppin Out Magazine shoot for the image. Also to William Clark photography for the powerful image of Emily running with varied BINC pieces including the Bridal Lace Calloway in the final frame...

Thanks to Alberto Machuca for makeup artistry that compares to none.

. . . thank you for letting me share myself with you!

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CALLOWAY Scarfette