Shapeable earrings: oval or circular, you decide! Malleable to shape to your style, yet extremely durable.


Made from imported, natural African blue Turquoise circular beads matched with Pyrite button beads, tiny Red Coral cylinders with finely veined, Howlite beads accented with sterling silver Nepalese Flower end caps shown mounted from pure sterling silver components.  These beauties are adorned with an inner-tassel of precious Emerald diamond-cut gems and shown two ways; in shimmering Rose Quartz facet-cut gem drops (as seen on the beautiful model Sydney), or choose a singular, light chartreuse, jade drop bead as seen in the product shot. The ear wires are tension-back closures to secure them in place.


The stones make a singular partnership, chosen for their shape and balance. Each gem is raw, natural, hand-cut and polished minimally to keep the integrity of the minerals. The merging of these fine details produce a distinctive set.



Measurements (approximately from hook):

3" center top to 'tassel' bottom (as oval shape)

2.5" center top to 'tassel' bottom (as circular shape)


This earrings are carefully crafted with large, ornamental, incongruent-shaped pieces juxtaposed against the small, geometric color-filled ones. The combination creates a beautiful balance as it moves naturally on your wrist. Beaming with incredibly vibrant gems. Some shiny and polished and others classic, weathered and rutty from time. All bathed in rich jeweled tones colored from the earth. I've incorporated the seductively hued stones with beads of the finest variety. The beads are carefully chosen for their antiquity and craftsmanship of their makers. Please note minor flaws or imperfections may appear within these hand-crafted beads or inclusions within the natural, raw gems. It's one aspect of their inherent beauty. 


Every design is accompanied by a list. The list encompasses history, as well as scientific details, and meta-physical healing qualities inherent to the metals, gems & beads on your piece. All accessory and jewelry items are shipped securely inside BINC bodyBAUBLES signature, keepsake storage satchel made of inimitable, repurposed materials. The packaging doubles as thoughtful and unique gift wrapping!


Inspiration for this and much of my work is generated from an ethnological appreciation of different cultures.  My design esthetic is influenced by primitive tribal jewelry and artifacts' as tiles, pottery, textiles, garments, and the colors and hues within all of them.  I relish the ornate details within ancient weaponry and armor and am fortified by history of all genres.  I find foods and herbs from different lifestyles throughout the world endlessly stimulating.  I'm encouraged everyday by family, music, architecture, nature, and the ecosystems within.


One of my favorite things to do is to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the NYC with my amazing seven-year-old son. He now has a love and fondness for the museum experience that is growing close to his mommy's.


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. . . thank you for letting me share myself with you!

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