Yummy 😋, FRUIT HOOPS 🍉🍑🍋🌶🥕are a nod to the charm trend! Shown on the beautiful @robinholzken in Women’s Health, June 2019 issue, out now! The earrings are whimsical, lightweight and beautiful. We repurpose antique, “dead-stock” hat pins from the 1940-70’s to create these sustainable fashion pieces. 

The pins are transformed into adorable, articulating charms on 14K Gold, hand-forged, sparkly hoops. Try matched pairs or mismatched, you choose! Order extra charms on 14K gold jump rings for only $5 per piece. Layer them up as you please, or wear the hoops sans the charms for a simple look, express yourself!

Measurements app. 1 1/4" circumference of hoops:

-Antique, lamp glass beads from the 1940-70's 
-14K Gold, hand-forged, sparkly hoops with a textured finish
-PINK thistle
-CORAL thistle
-BLACK chili pepper
-RED chili pepper
-sweet LEAF
-LAVENDER (opaque-milk glass) flower

-YELLOW (opaque-milk glass) flower

-WHITE (opaque-milk glass) flower

-PINK (clear) flower
-LEMON & PEACH (like shown in Women’s Health, add a carrot for $5!)
*Choose yours! If you'd like to buy additional charms or create a mismatch pair, email me.

All accessory and jewelry items are shipped securely inside a sweet muslin bag with dried rose buds.


Please read over all BINC bodyBAUBLES policies before purchasing. 

Inspiration for this and much of my work is generated from an ethnological appreciation of different cultures. My design esthetic is influenced by primitive tribal jewelry and artifacts' as tiles, pottery, textiles, garments, and the colors and hues within all of them. I relish the ornate details within ancient weaponry and armor and am fortified by history of all genres. I find foods and herbs from different lifestyles throughout the world endlessly stimulating. I'm encouraged everyday by family, music, architecture, nature, and the ecosystems within.

One of my favorite things to do is to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the NYC with my amazing young son. He now has a love and fondness for the museum experience that is growing close to his mommy's.

Thank you for letting me share myself with you...

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Fruit Hoops