The Lake Nomadic Necklace is 17" long with the pendant (opening 26.5") 
Meaning & History, from the English word lake, for the inland body of water. It is ultimately derived from Latin lacus.
bohemian meets tribal warrior appeal

This design beams with:

• Kuchi tribe: hand embossed, stipple effect, flower pendent with scarlet red glass cabochons beads; rare antiquity app. 60-80 years old from the East

• Kuchi tribe: circular flats charms; rare antiquities app. 60-80 years old from the East

• Kuchi tribe: filigree, decorated beads; rare antiquities app. 80 years old from the East

• Emerald, faceted rondelles

• Turquoise faceted rondelles

• Garnet two-ways; faceted large rondelle and micro faceted from Mozambique

• Smokey Quartz two-ways

• Palm wood "prayer" beads from the Philippines

• Silk Tassel handmade in Marrakech in crimson red wrapped with silver lurex thread

• Authenticated with a BINC, circular, hand-stamped sterling silver paillette.

This necklace is carefully crafted with the rare, ornamental, tribal antiquity "stipple" effect of a flower decorated pendant with round, charmed fringe. The metal used is typically called German Silver (a mixture of metal alloys), however this is of the finest quality and is most likely silver.

Because of the vibratory nature of bells/jingling charms they can be extremely effective form of spiritual cleansing and protection. Bells can ward off negativity and unwanted visitors. The vibrations from the bells will break up the negative and stagnant energy left hanging in the air. They move and jolt to life the stagnant and worn-out. 

Jewelry was part of the Turkmen tribe women's dowry. These antiquities worn by nomadic women living in the mountains, possibly Bedouin people. Embellished jewelry was worn to define the prominence of these tribal women and or family. 

Fair trade and refugee sourced this beautiful pendant, circular findings and filagree beads are juxtaposed against the small, richly colored, geometric jewels of sparkling garnets, emeralds, turquoise, and smokey quartz cascading into palm wood beads.


The Lake contains incredibly vibrant gems; shiny and polished and others classic, weathered and rutty from time. All bathed in rich jeweled tones colored from the earth. I've incorporated the seductively hued stones with beads of the finest variety. The beads are carefully chosen for their antiquity and craftsmanship of their makers. Please note minor flaws or imperfections may appear within these handcrafted beads or inclusions within the natural, raw gems. It's one aspect of their inherent beauty.

This is a tribal necklace like no other, filled with many healing stones and beads, fair trade sourced from places around the world. Designed from my inspiration of everyday life, art, fashion, music, architecture, nature, ethnography of cultures and world events. Made with astute attention to detail, injected with love and healing intentions. 

Precious stone designs are accompanied by an identifying list containing the scientific and meta-physical healing qualities and histories contained within all of the gems & charms in your piece. All accessory and jewelry items are shipped securely inside BINC bodyBAUBLES signature, keepsake storage satchel that is made with inimitable, repurposed materials. 

I have more images and all the specificities of the size, quantities, and grades of all of the individual gemstones if you're interested. Most of the gems are of the highest quality AAA ratings. 


Please read over all BINC bodyBAUBLES policies prior to ordering.

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LAKE Necklace