The Rosa wrap is a lariat, choker, hairband, wristlet, belly band and much more. . . It's the perfect accessory. The leather Rosa is covered with tiny Swarovski crystal vines on a double wrap silk cord with crystal end tassels. The supple, silky and delicate finish marks the highest-quality leather skin available in the marketplace.  Now offered in Textile option!

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Every design is accompanied by a list. The list encompasses history, as well as scientific details, and the meta-physical healing qualities inherent to the metals, gems & beads on your piece. All accessory and jewelry items are shipped securely inside BINC bodyBAUBLES signature, keepsake storage satchel. The petite bag is made of inimitable, repurposed materials. The packaging doubles as thoughtful and unique gift-wrapping!


Inspiration for this and much of my work is generated from an ethnological appreciation of different cultures.  My design esthetic is influenced by primitive tribal jewelry and artifacts' as tiles, pottery, textiles, garments, and the colors and hues within all of them. I relish the ornate details within ancient weaponry and armor and am fortified by history of all genres. I find foods and herbs from different lifestyles throughout the world endlessly stimulating. I'm encouraged everyday by family, music, architecture, nature, and the ecosystems within.


One of my favorite things to do is to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the NYC with my amazing seven-year-old son. He now has a love and fondness for the museum experience that is growing close to his mommy's.

Over the past 18 years I've sourced my leather skins through the same supplier that inventories many influential fashion designers worldwide. 


Thank you to photographer Max Spitzenberger ( for the images of the BINC Rosa red leather wrap on the lovely Ashely. Thanks also to William Clark Photography (.com) for the image of the BINC Rosa wrap and BINC French Cuffs both shown in blue black leather. Showcased on the spellbinding Shelby. Thanks to Alberto Machuca for makeup artistry that compares to none.

. . . thank you for letting me share myself with you!

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  • The materials natural lamb & calf leather get better with age, skin oils and years of wearing. Keep away from water and perfumes. To store: hold one end and roll gently around your fingers like a snake to coil up and store away in a cool, dry place, inside the BINC satchel until your next adventure...