A Lariat style necklace, just flip one side over the other and counter balance the beautiful gems.  Using the rare and dreamy raw, natural Blue Kyanite Crystal juxtaposed with the very modern-cut Smokey Quartz cube gems.  Both sides accented with dazzling Blue Diamonds, faceted micro pyrite beads & petite Sterling Silver, hand-forged, sunburst charms mounted on pure Sterling Silver components and chain. 


The stones make a singular partnership, chosen for their shape and balance.  Each gem is raw, natural, hand-cut and polished minimally to keep the integrity of the minerals.  The merging of these fine details produce a distinctive design.  


27.25" Lariat length
Blue Diamonds
micro pyrite beads
sunburst sterling silver charms
Blue Kyanite Crystal
Smokey Quartz cube beads

All of the Blue Kyanite Crystal's vary in shape and size.  They are all similar size as the stones shown in the product shots and model.  

Each 'Flutter' Lariat Necklace design is accompanied by flip-cards identifying the scientific and meta-physical healing qualities contained within the metals and gems in your piece. All accessory and jewelry items are shipped securely inside BINC bodyBAUBLES signature, keepsake storage satchel that is made with inimitable, repurposed materials. 




Please read over all BINC bodyBAUBLES policies before purchasing.  

If you require more information; weight and or size of the stones is available upon request.


Inspiration for this and much of my work is generated from an ethnological appreciation of different cultures.  My design esthetic is influenced by primitive tribal jewelry and artifacts' as tiles, pottery, textiles, garments, and the colors and hues within all of them. I relish the ornate details within ancient weaponry and armor and am fortified by history of all genres.  I find foods and herbs from different lifestyles throughout the world endlessly stimulating.  I'm encouraged everyday by family, music, architecture, nature, and the ecosystems within.  


One of my favorite things to do is to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the NYC with my amazing eight year old son.  He now has a love and fondness for the museum experience that is growing close to his mommy's.


Thank you for letting me share myself with you!

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RYAN Lariat Necklace